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9WORLD international comics festival

9WORLD international comics festival

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http://9world.com.ua --- International festival of drawing story, comics, bd and manga in Ukraine "9 WORLD"
http://9world.com.ua --- Международный фестиваль рисованных историй, комиксов, бд и манга в Украине "9 МИР"

Журнал К9 в ЖЖ / K9 MAgazine in LJ

K9 magazine --- http://9world.com.ua/ru/k9
Milkygirl magazine --- http://9world.com.ua/ru/milkygirl
Intercat magazine --- http://9world.com.ua/ru/intercat
Dark Warrior magazine --- http://9world.com.ua/ru/darkwarrior
BadCluster magazine --- http://9world.com.ua/ru/badcluster
Order magazine/How to buy/Где купить --- http://9world.com.ua/ru/k9/howtobuy

The Magazine «K9», which consists of drawn stories, comics and manga, has been published since 2003. It is a prize-winner of The All-Ukrainian exhibition «The youth press in Ukraine», the official informational partner of the international drawn stories festival «Komissia 2005» (with the help of the festival two special issues devoted to this event were published), the participant and the nominee of The World Comics Festival «Angouleme 2005» in France, the participant of the comics festivals «Zdaerzenia 2005», «Gdansk TSK» and «Lods» in Poland.

Ukrainian, Polish, Russian, Czech, American, French, Swiss, Belgian and Italian artists' comics are represented in the magazine. Also there are a lot of interesting articles about films, anime and cartoons, which were shot on drawn stories, comics and manga; the biographies of the famous artists and the interviews with the native and foreign stars of the Ninth Art, comics (Barbucci, Zep, Trantkat, Bogdan, Crisse, Komardin, Beltran, Tkalenko, Moebius, Bianco, Grim Jim, Greg Horn, Ron Marz, Pat Lee, Joe Ng, Buchet, Canepa,…). «K9» is a monthly magazine. More than thirty issues have been already published.

Once a quarter «K9» together with the magazines «Extreme» and «Moloko» publish one of the three quarterly supplements. «Dark Warrior», which consists mostly of the drawn stories for grown-ups, is published the first month of the quarter. The second to publish is «InterCat», where stories of foreign authors are represented, and the last one is «MilkyGirl», where the main heroes of the stories are girls.

In April with the help of «K9» the first All-Ukrainian exhibition of drawn stories «The 9th World» was held. The most famous artists in Ukraine gathered there. At the end of June «K9» became one of the organizers of the Russian festival «Komissia» in Kyiv, where works of the winners in 2005 were represented. Beginning from 11th till 20th of November Magazine «K9» with the help of Extreme Press holds the first International Drawn Stories, Manga and Comics Festival in Kyiv!

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